Christian Fellowship; Vineyard-values model.

The Vineyard Church is a model well known to many people. Originally formed in the 70’s in Southern California, it’s hallmarks are its strong pursuit of God in a very casual, even non pretentious way. It significantly supported the introduction, into the church, of a great deal of intimate worship music; but its most important legacy is that a great number of people came to experience the Presence of God.

There is no such church locally at this time; but we desire to see this here in the Sarasota area.

As previous visitors to this site know, this site and this desire have been out there for some time. In times past we have gathered with various people, but as of yet, have not sparked the critical mass to be the formation of a church.

Why, might you ask, would we desire to so specifically form a new church when there are so many good ones already in this area? Indeed there are. But the answer to that question is embodied in all of what’s in the first paragraph above. These hallmarks are unique; and a number of individuals now gathered to Sarasota have come from this background. And many hunger to experience it again.

So where are we now?

We have no active plans to form such a work at this time — but we have this heartbeat. We always desire to meet–and to have relationship–with like minded believers. And such a relationship might or might not ever spark into a church formation; but ah, it is so sweet in the “two or more”. And this doesn’t require a background “in Vineyard”. If something in the top paragraph stirs something in your heart, we’d love to meet you. If you desire to experience a manifest-presence of the Lord; if you desire to express worship that is a more a love song to Him, than an exercise for us; then we’d love to draw into relationship with you.

Meanwhile, there are Vineyard movements now in this area — all very blessed people, and works. And I refer you to those here. If any reader desires other recommendations, non-Vineyard, please contact me, and I’ll share my recommendations.

And the Blog entries to the right are simply some thoughts that I’ve had over time.





Other local Vineyards:

  • Brandon, FL
The Regent
6437 Watson Road
Riverview, FL 33578
Phone: 813-719-5397
Suburban Tampa. One of my very favorite places. Pastored by Karl House.
  • St. Pete, FL
St. Pete Vineyard
5000 10th Street North
St. Pete, FL 33703
Phone: 727.743.5695
In the southern end of St. Pete. This is a wonderful and established church, and is in fact, the overseeing Vineyard for our area. Pastored by Chris Cahall, and I love these guys, too. Chris would actually be the authoritative contact for anything Vineyard in this area. His contact information is linked here.
  • The general search engine for VineyardUSA for our area is linked here.

A moving video.

This is of Carl Tuttle, one of the early Vineyard leaders. A very moving and transparent video. For the time being, I’m going to post it front page. See a video of John Wimber’s history here.

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