Is It Revival?

In a move of the Spirit, some years back, His presence was so strong that many people took up the banner of “revival”. The following was written as were were in the midst of it:

…But the question remains, is this revival, or outpouring? Is this yet the fullness of what we have come to desire?

Many years ago, in a similar outpouring where entire crowds were being prayed for for blessings and for a touch of the Lord, I observed people quickly returning to the prayer line, without having fully “honored” or appreciated the previous prayer. Grieved, I went to the Lord. And He responded to me “These things are My gift to you.” (Ah, a sovereign, unmerited gift. Thank you Lord.) But then said, “What you do with your character is your gift to Me.”

So then, we call it outpouring, and visitation — and it undeniably is; but the question remains: is this yet revival? Not yet, in my opinion. Not while 95% of the crowd will shoulder ahead of you to get their prayer ahead of yours. The true fullness of the kingdom is far more than gifts and/or manifestations — albeit the kingdom has come upon us. Gifts, as marvelous as they are, are the touch of God; but not the God of the touch. In a time of worship a few nights ago, I understood that our only need is holiness. There is no approaching God without it. But holiness is something that requires a going to the Cross — a doing of those things that we don’t want to do, for the cause of Christ — through the work of Christ.

When will we have revival? When we begin to see things as God sees them. And the degree to which we are missing the target of His holiness. But understand clearly, repentance is also a gift. But one that we can understand our need for; and begin to pray for — now. The greatest possible move of God will be one of repentance and right relationship.

This, by definition, will be revival.

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